17 Easy Christmas Drawings & What They Reveal About Your Child

I might be almost 40, but when it's Christmas time, I'm back to being a child. I seriously love Christmas, the smell, the games, the food and obviously the gifts!

Did you know That how your child draws Santa Clause or Rudolph can reveal how they truly feel about Christmas?

I know you want them to grow up to love the holidays, so read along to find out how to decode their drawings and download the best Christmas printable to help you unmask their true feelings.

Now that I have Kids, all these memories of drawing Christmas trees and Santa Claus and, of course, Rudolf are coming back to me.

I really wished that my parents kept all my drawings so I could look at them in retrospect ..... oh well!

before we get started, I need to let you know why I'm writing this post

You see, I live in China, and there is virtually no Christmas where I live. So this is one of the ways I can bring Christmas to my kids.

Looking at their drawings will also help me figure out if I need to turn up the Christmas spirit or not LOL. Kids don't believe in Santa here, so I have to work extra hard to let the kids know that Santa only delivers gifts to good kids that believe in him and that he goes all the way to China just for them.

I even told them that Granpa and Grandma are friends with him, so that's why he is making the extra trip.

Anyways let's stop the chit chat and get to what you came here for. 

What you will find in this article: 

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Santa Claus Printable

SnowFlake Drawing Printable 

Snowflake Printable

Christmas Tree Printable

Rudolph The Reindeer Printable

Christmas Ornaments Printable

How to Decode Your Child's Christmas Drawings

Santa Claus Printable

I am super excited to draw Santa Claus this year because I have the best story to go with it. So We all know that Santa gives gifts to good kids, So what better way to prove that you are nice than to give a gift back to Santa.

Tell your kids to Draw a few Santa Claus drawings and leave them next to the cookies and milk. See their reaction in the morning when the pictures are gone or when Santa Clause himself leaves a note on the drawing.

Snowflake Printable

I love snow, but I hate the cold! Snowflakes are really beautiful because, as you know, no two snowflakes are alike.

This is something I try to teach my kids every day. BE YOU! Like snowflakes, you are unique! Print these beautiful Snowflake printables and tell your kids that they can draw them however they want with whatever colour they want.

Snowflakes make for really beautiful kids Christmas drawings. 

Christmas Tree Printable

How your child draws a tree is extremely revealing about themselves. First, ask them to draw a tree or a Christmas tree by themselves.

Then ask them to draw the tree from the Christmas tree printables below and finally ask them to draw another one by themselves. Obviously, it doesn't need to be all on the same day.

Look at the two trees that were drawn "freehand" and see if they've changed, then Look the Karl Koch's Tree Test, a psychology test that tells you how a child feels based on how they draw their trees.

Rudolph The Reindeer Printable

Here a few beautiful Rudolph printables. They are a great first step to learn how to Draw Rudolph. Like unique Snowflakes, Rudolph is unique; he is different and beautiful, so when teaching your child how to draw Rudolph, let them be free and teach you how they draw Rudolph.

Remember, put a picture of Rudolph next to the cookies and milk and Santa's drawing .... I'm sure Santa would love to show Rudolph and all the other reindeers your child's beautiful pictures. 

 Christmas Ornaments Printable

When I was a child, I love Beautiful Christmas ornaments. In fact, my mom used to cut paper circles, and I would draw my own ornaments. She would then put them in the tree for everyone to see. It was so much fun.

The only downside is that they would crumble and break within a few minutes if we played with them.

So if you want to give the same fun to your kids but keep the art for years to come, then I have a solution.

KamikazeBunnies.com allows you to make your own porcelain ornament. ( you guessed it, it's this website) Download the free Printable Christmas Ornaments, draw on it and upload it back to the site.

We will send you a beautiful custom made—ornaments within just a few days. 

How to Decode your Child's Christmas Drawings 

Most children love to draw, That is no secret, but not all children drawing can be analyzed. By the age of 3, most kids can see the difference between blue, green and blue, but they don't select a colour purposely.

It is only by the age of 4 that colour starts to have a meaning.

Since I've given you many Christmas printables, we will only look at the meaning of colour in drawings.

So don't freak out if your 2 years old draws Santa all in black! It's OK!

First, let your child decide how they want to draw his Christmas tree or her Santa Claus. This should be 100% up to them.

If you limit their colour of choice by either not having a complete set of crayons or telling them what colours to use, then what I will say below will be 100% useless.

You should also keep in mind that what I am about to share with you are general rules of thumbs.

In general, family drawings in pastel colours denote a happy and harmonious family unit.

If we want to apply this concept to a Christmas drawing, then a Santa Claus drawn entirely black with red eyes might cause concern. 

Looking For A quick Color Reference Guide ?

Black & Purple

Black & purple often suggest that a child feels dominated by something or someone. It also shows a child that is demanding on himself. A little is absolutely fine, the whole picture with those two colours not so much.  In the context of a Christmas printable a lot of black or purple could mean that a child feels scared not to live up to santa's naughty list


Pink gifts drawings are a fantastic colour choice for Boys and girls. it denotes a need for love and appreciation and a child that loves to daydream ( maybe dreaming about what Santa will bring them)


This color is associated with calmness, well-being and relaxation. It’s usually the favourite of calm or timid children. It also awakens creativity and sensitivity in kids. The use of blue doesn't mean that they are not excited about Christmas. It simply may mean that they feel confident about it.


Red is the colour of excitement. If used sparingly, it tells the story of a passionate and high energy child. But if used too much, it can indicate some imbalance, hostility and aggression. Red on Santa is OK. But if the tree is red, the gifts are red; the Santa is red, then it might be a good idea to look into what might be the problem.


Yellow demonstrates intelligence and sunny nature. It's a colour that shows happy children. So a few yellow gifts are great, but too much yellow can denote authority figures' problems. What is too much ... Well, that is subjective, but I'd say as a general rule of thumb, 50%+ of the drawing is too much. Let me give you an example. My son drew this Christmas tree the other day. I was very insistent on him drawing because I wanted to use the drawing for this article. He was not happy about it, and it is reflected in his overuse of the color yellow. Does this mean that my son always has authority figure problems? No! But that day, he did.  


Green is the colour of those who like to be different, like space, and are artistic and intelligent. When green is overused, it can represent a tendency to suppress emotions. If your child is drawing a Christmas tree all in green, that is absolutely normal !! No cause for concern at all. Context is important! However, kids usually are very liberal in their use of colour. It is normal for them to draw pink and blue, and yellow trees. So if your child doesn't draw a green tree, that is OK!


Orange is enjoyed by social butterflies who need to get in touch with people. Too much orange can be the sign of a child that has difficulty relaxing and is impulsive. However, in the context of a Christmas drawing, orange is totally normal because kids are anticipating Christmas with a lot of excitement. It is not surprising to see orange gifts under the tree because this shows how excited they are to get their gifts! HOWEVER, do not panic and think your child isn't excited if the gifts under the tree are blue and not orange.  


Interpreting your kids' drawings will help you connect with them and understand them better, but this new superpower shouldn't be used to create heart-inducing panic attacks at night. Take everything with a grain of salt. One Black drawing doesn't mean anything several could. Most importantly, enjoy the holiday season and the time with your kids. And if you have any concerns, seek help from a professional.