Here is how I Boosted my son's self esteem & made his teacher eat her words. 

Do you remember a time when one of your teachers put you down, made you feel like shit and maybe even belittled you? How has it affected you? Chances are that experience has messed up with your subconscious in more ways than you can imagine.  Chances are your self esteem took a serious blow !

In the next 1657 words I'll share with you how I stood up for my son boosted his self esteem & how it cost my job but also how it became the best decision I've ever made !

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Having shitty teachers who bully kids is always terrible, but it's even worse when it happens to young kids. Research has shown that the majority of our personality is created by the age of 7.

So if you've had bad teachers before that age, then it is a guarantee that it has affected you even more.

What's worse is god knows there is a ton of bad teachers out there. There are some great ones, but the bad ones ruin it for everybody else. 

My question to you is: have you ever had to defend your child? If so, What happened? What did you do? Answer in the comments below 

Before I tell you How I made my son's pre-k teacher regret ever insulting him, I need to give you a little back story. 

I live in China with my wife and 2 fabulous Kids, Zackery ( 5 years old & Zoey 4 years old. ) Because my Chinese sucks; I'm an English teacher, which turns out to be great because I can see my kids at work.

Zackery was going to the most prestigious and expensive Pre-k in the city ( 8k per semester); I know some of you might think that 8K per semester isn't a lot, but when you consider the minimum wage in the province to be 6k per year, it's huge!

When he first started school, he was kind and full of energy, but he became sad and mad as time passed. 

One of his teachers was absolutely terrible. She theorized kids all the time. I won't go into details, but she would lose her job 100% guaranteed if she did that stuff in America.

While she was always nice to him because he was a foreign kid, the problem was the behaviour towards other kids. Zackery was terrified. He stopped speaking Chinese and even told me I don't like school, I have no friends.

Ok I know I said I wouldn't  tell you what she did to the kids, but I can't hold it in ... I need to vent. To make the kids sit straight, she would put nails on the back of the chairs.

A real psychopath, I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself. All that money and kids get treated that way.

 I had many conversations with that teacher and the others, telling her how my son was terrified and spoke to my wife many times about putting him in another class. I believe that education should be designed to increase self worth not destroy it !

My wife kept saying that "if you do that, you'll lose your job, and everybody will start asking questions." What complicated the situation, even more is that Zackery absolutely loved his other teachers. So going to school was a real love-hate situation for him.

I heavily relied on that income since it generated about half my yearly salary. It was also incredibly easy for the school to destroy my reputation and make it very difficult for me to find other employment. Ohh, and did I mention that the teacher was the principal's best friend. Talk about a perfect storm situation. 

If you wonder how I was able to afford that school, well, let's just say as the only foreigner in the city, I made really good money. Furthermore, there was no way I would let my kids in any other Pre-k because they were way worse!

Now for the good part!

One day I picked my son and, as I usually did, went inside the classroom and looked at what he did for the day. So I took his art and began to talk about it with him. His teacher immediately told me, " Zackery's art is ugly because he didn't listen to the instructions."

I was F*cking Pissed off, but as you can now understand, I could not tell her to fo F** off like I really wanted to.

So I took a picture of that artwork and was determined to make her see how amazing my son's art was. Because it was! I was determine to make him a lean mean confidence machine !

That night I thought and thought and thought some more, and it dawned on me what if he could make a fashion statement with his art. What if I could make Zakery accomplish something that takes years of hard work for most people. What if I turned him into a fashion designer. It would definitively increase his self esteem !

So I worked hard, called a bunch of people, asked some favours and ultimately turned his artwork into shoes, bags and watch bands.

My goal was simple to let him know, " Nobody can put you down because you are already a fashion designer at 5 years old and have accomplished more than that Bit*h of a teacher! ( I obviously didn't use that language with him.)

Then came the day when we finally received the first samples. Nobody knew what I had been up to. I didn't tell my wife, my son or my daughter because I didn't want to set up expectations.

I told them we received a lot of surprises in the mail, and I wanted to open the packages with them. So I sat the family down and slowly opened the packages.

As I took the shoes out of the shoe box, my son screamed, it's my art, daddy, it's my art. I did that shoe! 

At that moment, I saw the confidence, joy and pride light up his eyes; as I opened more packages, my daughter started to cry, " It's not fair. Where are my shoes".

I knew we had something special on our hands. So the next day, He put on the shoes he designed. I put on the matching pair, and I took the matching large travel bag to his pre-k.

Let's pause the story for 1 second,  If you are participating in the "win free shoes contest" here is the secret code: KB02230817

Zackery was terrified and excited at the same time; when his teacher saw us, she said, " wow, Zackery, you have new shoes, the same as your dad, they are very nice" That's when I replied, yes he made those with his artwork and then showed the photo of his painting on my phone. 

At that very moment, she realized exactly what had happened and shut up. Zackery looked at me with incredible pride in his eyes and walked tall into his class. 

A New Beginning 

Two months after my wife and I decided to take him out of that school, and I was fired the next semester, but it was all worth it!

My only HUGE regret is that I listen to the fear of losing my job. I should have never accepted the way he had been treated. It's also worth mentioning that Zackery and Zoey are the only foreign kids in the city.

When Zackery didn't go back to school, everybody started asking questions and several parents chose to take their kids to another school ( that I now work at).

As a result of the shoe's success, I decided to create, a place where you can find shoes, bags and more made with kid's artwork. In fact, you can even turn your own child's artwork into shoes and more! Imagine the ego boost they will get !

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What The Future Holds

What if every child knew how amazing they truly are, what if we didn't put any limitation on our kids, what if kids had unstoppable confidence.

What if the definition of who they are was " I can do the impossible". What if by the time they learn how to write or drive a car, they've already accomplished more than their parents?

Now I know that this sounds crazy, but it's not, I promise you!

My favourite child psychologist of all time is Bernadette Tynan. She had a fantastic show called "Make Your Child Brilliant."

The show's premise was simple, to take an ordinary child and coach them to give them the confidence they need to accomplish the impossible.

The first episode I saw was an 8 years old boy pitching a board game to a toy company.

Can you imagine the confidence this boy will have in life knowing that at 8 years old, he did what would terrify most grown-ups?

Maybe your kids aren't into a drawing; maybe they like writing or building things. I don't know! But What I do know is that your kids can truly amaze you if you let them!

So if your child isn't that much into art, thats ok! you can inspire them with some of the fantastic products we already have, and if you want to create your own, that's ok to!

And Now For The Million $ Question.

Have you ever faced a situation where you had to protect your child? If so, What happened? What did you do about it? How do you think your child felt after you protected them?