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Zackery is a brilliant young 5 years old designer that loves everything and anything related to science, dinosaurs and languages. He speaks English French and Chinese and has a younger sister. He comes up with amazing inventions every day and wants to one day change the world.

The Story !

A few months back, when I went to pick up my son at his pre-k, I went to look at his art like I always did. That's when his teacher told me, "zackery's art is ugly because he didn't listen to the instruction".

So I took a picture of that artwork and was determined to make her see how amazing my son's art was. Because it was!

That night I thought and thought and thought some more, and it dawned on me what if he could make a fashion statement with his art. What if I could make Zakery accomplish something that takes years of hard work for most people. What if I turned him into a fashion designer.

My goal was simply to let him know, " Nobody can put you down because you are already a fashion designer at 5 years old and have accomplished more than that B**** of a teacher! ( I obviously didn't use that language with him. I know I shouldn't write this word, but I need you to know how mad I was.)

I KNOW every child can accomplish the impossible! We put to much limitation on kids! When a child feels confident, his entire behaviour changes, and I know that confidence and happiness can heal. My objective is to make collections made by kids, with their stories and have a portion of the proceeds go to charities.

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