Step #1 Take your shoes and socks off and stand on a piece of paper.

Step#2 Trace around your foot with a pencil

Step #3 Repeat the same process for the other foot.

Step #4 Take a rule and measure from the tip of the big toe all the way to end of the heel as indicated above.

The size of the shoe you choose should be approximately 0.5 cm or 0.2 inches bigger than what you measured.

High Top Shoes for Kids
US 2UK 1317.8419.1
US 3UK 2328.1720.75
US 4UK 3  338.521.6
US 4.5UK 4  348.6722
US 5UK 5358.8422.5
US 6UK 6369.1723.29
Hight Top Shoes for Men
US 6UK 5389.717.8
US 7UK 6391025.5
US 8UK 74010.226
US 9UK 84110.426.5
US 10UK 94210.727.2
US 11UK 10431128
US 12UK 114411.228.5
US 13UK 124511.529
US 14UK 134611.830
High Top Shoes for Women
US 6UK 5369.217.8
US 7UK 6379.425.5
US7.5UK 6.5389.726
US 8UK 7391026.5
US 9UK 84010.227.2
US 10UK 94110.428
US 11UK 104210.728.5
US 12UK 11431129