Secure Checkout 

256 Bit encryption - Super secure !

The payment provider we use all has a 256 bit SSL encryption. If your, not a computer nerd, then 256-bit encryption probably means nothing to you, so let's look at what it means.

256-bit encryption means that a page as 78 digits ) each digit = to roughly 3 bits of data)

Why is this important?

For a hacker to break into the payment platform, they would need to discover all these 78 digits in the proper order. That is a TALL task.

Strong encryption is essential to secure your information; that's why we are also certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant.

More computer jargon :(

I promise it's almost over! We take your security seriously! Our Payment Partner process over $1 billion annually.

That means that their security system is required to be independently audited. This mandatory audit is the highest in the industry.