Zero Waste

We aren't like other e-commerce stores. We do not have a warehouse full of stock ready to ship at a moment notice. Instead, we've partnered with manufacturing giants that produce every items custom made just for you. As a result, we don't have unused stock gathering dust in a dark corner of our Wearhouse. We've selected our partners for 2 main reasons.

1. Their excellent quality work.
2. Their Green policies. One of our partners, for example, is a member of Amfori a Leading global business association for open and sustainable trade.

We've thought long and hard about How our products get shipped to you. We know you're excited to receive your package and every e-commerce expert says that beautiful designing packages for customers to receive is the way to go.
For now, we have opted to do minimal "generic" packaging. That saves you money and the environment. Fear not; what is inside is, however, still 100% made just for you!